Softek Partner's unique GENESIS technology is applied to mission critical business applications that need to function quickly, accurately and reliably in real time.  Softek typically supports these applications by providing:


*       Data stream processing, database facility and data retrieval functionality

*       Protocol translators from data store to output interface

*       Data output via multiple simultaneous mixed protocol interfaces

*       Multiple views of all trade data

*       Error recovery retransmission and local data warehousing

*       Enterprise level business systems data analysis

*       Ability to accept data in any format and enables output in different formats

*       Supports all interface connectivity protocols including TOF, ASI, TCP-IP, MQ, FX and COG


Product Features and Benefits:

*       Proven and robust capability to track and analyze trade information

*       Quick and reliable installation of complex integration solutions

*      Eliminates costly errors associated with manual entry of data into multiple front office, back office and risk management systems.

*      Seamlessly integrates disparate systems (e.g. trading and back office with other networked and legacy systems)

*       Reliability and unattended operation, resiliency, quality, robustness

*       Exceptional connectivity and performance, fast throughput

*      Transfer of data through whatever communications are available

*       Establishes a rapid and defined path to additional interfaces, SQL queries and FIX compatibility

*       Flexible and easily adaptable migration path to accommodate current environments and easily adaptable to future configuration requirements

*       Improves the efficiency and operational capacity of growing organizations

*       Softek offers standard interface solutions for the biggest names in the interdealer broker business.

*       Softek can configure an interface solution from most any source to multiple business targets and can provide trade-stream processing and redirection


Many of the world's premier financial institutions trust Softek product to facilitate their high-volume trade transactions covering billions of dollars of daily volume.  Client reference lists are made available upon request.


Softek Partners, Inc.  Premier provider of real time systems integration technology since 1992.*