GENESIS connects electronic trading and matching systems with front-office and back-office treasury systems at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional interfaces.  These connections are transparent to the target applications and do not require modifications to existing software. 

GENESIS makes trade information available to multiple systems without the need to modify or enhance these existing systems.  Traditional interfaces that do this can take weeks or months to implement. They also require freeing your existing technical staff to code and test new software at the risk of causing errors in previously working systems. SPI installs its system to exact user requirements and can have it up and running in a few days. 

SPI analyzes the target application(s), builds the system specification in the form of behavioral examples and applies our unique code generation technology to generate the application code for the target platform. Site-specific work is performed by the use of editable scripts which also control transformations of messages as required. Should future modification be necessary, your in-house staff can easily modify the scripts.

Softek GENESIS FX integration solutions provide the following three types of functionality:

*       Accepts trade interface data from dealing and matching systems and make that data available to networked components.

*       Provides trade-stream processing on the data and targets the result to one or more business systems or databases.

*       Accepts trade data off a networked environment and mimics the trade-stream protocol to one or more remote business systems as if it were fed directly from the trading system. SPIÕs MIMIC capability can produce an exact, transparent data-stream to feed to your peripheral business systems.

Softek accepts data from trading, matching and rate-feed  systems including Reuters 2000/3000, EBS, Cognotec, Bloomberg Powermatch, MRM, Select Feed+, DDN, Eurobase, FXConnect, RTFX, CFETS, KMBC and SMBS and make that data available to networked components. 

Softek offers trade-stream processing solutions that parse, translate, route and store messages across diversified computer platforms and applications, making trade information available to multiple business targets without the need to modify or enhance your existing systems. 

Our fully customizable solutions will revolutionize your financial information flow by expanding your organizations access to real time data.  SPIÕs modular offerings provide you with the flexibility to plan an easy migration path for your most demanding topologies to accommodate your current and future requirements. 

Many of the worldÕs premier financial institutions trust Softek product to facilitate their high-volume trade transactions covering billions of dollars of daily volume.  Client reference lists are made available upon request.


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